Your Los Angeles Escrow Agents

There are many factors to consider when choosing an escrow company. These factors include pricing, reputation, independent vs non-independent, and experience, just to name a few. Here at Sterling West we believe that our carefully chosen team of escrow agents is our greatest asset. Our agents were hand-picked for their specific talents and areas of excellence.  Our unique team is committed to the Sterling West mission of concierge level customer service ….a unique, individualized approach exclusively designed by Sterling West’s Founder, CEO and architect of the Sterling West touch, Desiree Goodman.  

Everyone at Sterling West places a monumental emphasis on providing exceptional customer service. Our interactions with you and the others involved in your financial negotiations is our “product.”  It is up to you to choose who you want at the helm of your transaction….it is up to you how you want your escrow carried through….and it is every right of yours to get what you want as the captain of your financial investment.  Our customer service excellence is achieved by making connections with our clients and other members of our community.

Desireé Goodman, Founder and CEO learned early on in her career, over 25 years ago how to set herself apart from other escrow agents and companies.  Desiree Goodman has enjoyed years of trust and respect in the Brentwood area community and distinguished herself as an agent as she matriculated through the ranks.  As an escrow officer dedicated to a style and approach unique in the industry, the next logical step for her was to start her own escrow company that was 100% committed to excellence resulting in the founding of Sterling West Escrow.    By founding Sterling West escrow she was afforded the opportunity of creating an environment where a team of expert escrow officers and support staff could execute her dream to become what Sterling West is today….A respected, independent escrow company in the Brentwood real estate community.

Desiree has fulfilled her dream and commits daily to maintaining that commitment to excellence.  Having worked her way up through the escrow ranks; starting first as a receptionist, later becoming an escrow agent, and finally founding her own business, Desireé knows each emotional and stressful stage an escrow client may go through. This allows her to show empathy toward all clients, and all of our agents follow her example!  

Desireé and her team’s dedication to excellent, compassionate, and prompt customer service has proven, time and time again, to be the catalyst that has grown Sterling West to where it is today. In fact, nearly all of Sterling West’s clients chose us as their escrow company through the referral of current or previous clients.  There is no greater honor than being told by a client that Sterling West was referred to them by a trusted colleague in the community and because that client knows that their transaction will be in competent and committed hands.  In a world that has become increasingly impersonal, it is reassuring to know that traditional values and word-of-mouth recommendations still count.  The best way to enjoy longevity in a business community is to establish oneself as trustworthy, competent and loyal and Desiree understands that better than anyone.

Each escrow agent here at Sterling West was hand-picked for their unique skills and perspectives to complement the existing business mission statement and culture.   Whether they are working with accounting, speaking to people, or keeping documents organized they do so with the support of one of the most collaborative teams Desiree has ever worked with and has now assembled.   When we put all of our individual strengths together, we are able to achieve great things. Achieving great things translates, most importantly, into success for our clients. We encourage you to learn more about each of our staff members so you can see for yourself just how much experience Sterling West as a whole has to offer you - no matter what stage of the escrow process you find yourself.

Every one of our employees has the same strong commitment to customer service and your questions will be answered by pleasant, eager-to-help agents, no matter which one you speak with! Escrow may be our business, but customer service and good business relationships are our main priorities. Sterling West is not just your escrow company, we’re your escrow experts, your escrow problem solvers, and your escrow friends. Read each of our agent’s stories to discover the unique mix of backgrounds that are joined together under one agency, and give us a call for all your escrow needs; we’re here to help.